V R  S U R F A C E

Naturally walk, run, jump, or crawl through Virtual Reality with completely free, untethered, and natural locomotion.


 • No harnesses, cameras, lasers needed. Our system locates the user by weight distribution on the moving floor surface.

 • Superior reaction time using fast electric motors handles abrupt direction and speed changes by the user. The reaction time is comparable to a Segway.

• If you know how to walk, you know how to use this. The first time you use it, walk to the middle of the platform and turn it on. That’s it.

• Portable and affordable. For a product to change a market, you have to be able to sell it at retail. Many of our competitor’s products are too big, or too expensive to sell in retail stores. Our product is being specifically designed to be portable, and sub $1000.

• A completely natural feeling. No nausea. Part of the second generation of VR systems that are “haptic-aware in real-time.” Examples include haptic feedback gloves and haptic vest. 

• Real walls in VR achieved with a solid surface. Imagine what it would be like to run up to a wall in Battlefield, and lean against it in VR.  We have a patented technology that allows exactly this.

• Advanced and more expensive models capable of tilt, run, & jump, and shake. Larger models will have the speed and size needed to handle a human adult at a full sprint, making sudden changes of direction. Additionally, the system is designed to take full advantage of current haptic feedback technology.

• Durable and simple design that can withstand use. With comparably fewer moving parts, no harnesses, no belts, and far fewer electronic components, this system will outlast its competitors. 

• Broad patents in the US, Europe, and China. The original patent application for this idea was conceived 15 years ago. Our company owns patent rights across a broad segment of the VR Platform technology, with the ability to produce our own product or license our technology to other companies.