"The shift from tethered to standalone VR headsets represents a paradigm shift within the immersive ecosystem. Now, we have a truly mobile platform that is good enough to facilitate compelling user experiences."

"Facebook’s standalone headset is creating a lot of interest and momentum. The headset launched in May and sold out across multiple stores a week after launch. Facebook’s VP of AR/VR, Andrew Bosworth, says that in the first two weeks of Oculus Quest headset sales, there were $5 million worth of content sales. Despite a lack of official sales stats, some estimate that Facebook could sell more than 1 million units in 2019—this would be huge if it happened."

Naturally walk, run, jump, or crawl through Virtual Reality with completely free, untethered, and natural locomotion.


By some of the latest estimates, there are 171 million people who use VR worldwide in 2019. The numbers for the first quarter of 2020 will be posted here when available.


Sol Rogers

Consumer Tech

V R  S U R F A C E

  • Shipments of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets will jump 54% to 8.9 million units worldwide this year. The annual growth rate will accelerate to 67% over the next four years with shipments reaching 68.6 million in 2023, per a forecast from  ​International Data Corp. (IDC).

  • Sony has sold 4.2 million PSVRs. Says:
  • VR’s impact is unlike any other media.
  • Rapid improvements in VR tech will further widen its appeal
  • Great content is already here, but we need more.

  • Addressing shareholders during Facebook’s 2019 earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that unit sales of Oculus Quest are exceeding the available supply of the headset. Facebook CFO David Wehner overviewed the company’s financial results for the second quarter, saying VR revenue in ‘Payments & Other Fees’ (which includes hardware products) was $262 million for the quarter (up 36%).