Maybe not the leader in overall sales volume, however, this strong competitor may have the most advanced versions of non-powered (passive) omnidirectional platforms available, even better than Virtuix.

​KAT VR is the commercial name for The Hangzhou Virtual and Reality Technology Co., Ltd., an independent VR hardware and software research and development company based in Hangzhou, China.

​They have over 20 independent patents both domestically and globally, focusing on different research areas such as virtual reality interactive technologies, ergonomic design, and motion capture technology. Their flagship product and main research field is the Omni-directional treadmill.

Virtuix Omni


Currently the most widespread product on the market.

Virtuix has shipped more than 3,000 Omni systems to date, and distributors have installed Omnis in over 500 commercial venues in 45 countries, making the Omni the most widely distributed VR hardware besides headsets. In November 2018, Virtuix unveiled Omni Arena, a turnkey esports attraction for high-end entertainment centers.

Since its Kickstarter campaign in 2013, Virtuix raised $20MM from investors including Mark Cuban, 12 venture capital funds, two strategic investors, and private investors. The company has grown to a team of 35 employees with offices in Austin.

cybereth virtualizer


Based in Austria, another competing design for a passive non-powered omnidirectional treadmill that uses a harness to keep you from moving. This offering does have a tilting floor that provides the ability to simulate inclines, and to further aid in the walking process. The build design otherwise is very similar to other competitors. 

As you can see by watching the video, this iteration requires the user to wear "shoe socks" that provide a low friction surface on the bottom of your feet. The base of the device has a slick service, which when combined with the powered tilting motion of the floor, provides semi-realistic feedback to the user. The unit also features a vibration option that allows limited haptic feedback



Incorporated in 2013 and founded by George Burger, Infinadeck has distinguished itself on being the only true powered floor omnidirectional treadmill in the industry, besides our own. Infinadeck uses a unique metal band floor which is powered 360 degrees, allowing users to naturally walk in any direction, allowing immersion within the VR environment. The methodology of this device is very complex and its reaction speed is limited. Its user movement detection system is a limiting factor. However, it is a step in the right direction.

Unlike other devices in the industry, Infinadeck does not require any special equipment to walk; incorporating the latest technology to map human movement, which is then translated into the walking platform.


Naturally walk, run, jump, or crawl through Virtual Reality with completely free, untethered, and natural locomotion.

V R  S U R F A C E


The "Virtual Floor" competitive landscape is not like other more mature industries. There are only a handful of serious competitors so far in this new technology of creating a moving floor in VR.

The primary difference between our floor and that of our competitors can be summed up in one sentence. Our product has a motor-powered floor that proactively moves beneath you and requires no harnesses to use. We are currently the only product that has this game-changing "killer app" feature.

The difference between an active powered floor, and a passive unpowered floor, is the difference between playing a VR game, and actually being there.